Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rotten Apples

Recently, I've had my fill of my kids and their continual bad behavior.  It never fails that around 7 at night, my kids are overcome with the need to get out every ounce of energy they have stored up during the day.  This usually results in a "friendly" game of run around the room and tackle each other.  It all starts with fun screams and giggling.  But, we know better.  Toby and I usually look at each other and say, "how long before one of them cries?"  Then, we proceed to make bets on the amount of time.  Sure enough, it always ends in tears and pain.  Why do kids do that?  Why do they continue to do something that they know will end in agony?  Perhaps the thrill of how the game starts, with all of its fun and laughter, makes them forget how it usually ends.  I'm not sure.  Is this really that different than how we are as adults though? I think about my journey with weight loss.  It has been a constant struggle for me to keep off the 80 lbs. I lost 6 yrs ago.  I often yo-yo between 10-15 lbs.  Why?  Because I want that chocolate chip cookie and those McDonald's fries so bad.  I justify in my mind how delicious it is...over and over again.  But, when I step on the scale a week later, I'm mad at myself.  Regrets.  We all have them.  And when we have regret, we tell ourselves we'll never do that again.  But, a few days later, we find ourselves right back in the very spot we promised we would never go.  For me, those fries end up right back in my mouth.  It's like I forget what an impact it will have on my body. 

I think we are like this with God.  We get on fire for Him.  We read our Bible, go to Church and follow His rules.  But, after a while, the thrill of that starts to fade.  Our Bibles gather dust and we forget what it was like to have God in our life.  We begin to look for our happiness elsewhere.  We do things for instant gratification.  Those very things we promised we would give up because they always took us to a place of agony.  And then, one morning we wake up with only regrets barely seeing a glimpse of Jesus in our lives, asking ourselves, "how did I get here?"

The good news is that God forgives you.  He doesn't care how far the apple has fallen from the tree.  It is still fruit to Him and He doesn't care how rotten the apple has gotten.  He is there waiting to pick you up off the ground.  All it takes is for you to call out to Him.  Remember friends, that every apple still has a seed inside of it.  Once you surrender, your seed will be planted in Him.  Alot of "Son" and the water of life (The Bible) will help your seed grow.  But, a plant needs constant attention to survive.  We must be careful to remove the weeds around us(those things I was talking about earlier).  We also need to remember that every tree needs pruning to become healthy.  There will be instances in our lives where God has cut us back in order to help us mature.  It is how we respond to those times that make us stronger.  Keeping our eyes focused on Him will help mature us into the most beautiful trees.  God is hungry and He is waiting for You.  So, what are you waiting for?  Surrender to Him and start your life anew!

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